and protect

the national interests of the Jewish people
in the State of Israel
with an emphasis
on the legal system.

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who we are and
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The Legal Forum for Israel is one of the oldest right-wing NGOs, established in 2004 by Nachi Eyal and volunteer lawyers. Our primary focus is safeguarding and protecting the Jewish people in the State of Israel, with a particular emphasis on the legal system. With over 400 volunteer lawyers, we operate both in the legal and public arenas, aiming to bring about positive change through legal means.

our Mission

Our Mission: To safeguard and protect the national interests of the Jewish people in the State of Israel, with an emphasis on the legal system.

areas of activity

international arena

Adv. Yifa Segal

transparency in the judicial system

Adv. Itai HaCohen

fight against terrorism

Adv. Yossi Fox

Unauthorized infiltrators

Adv. Idan Abuhav

Legal Forum for Israel


Managed the legal battle against the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif

Succeeded in obtaining a ruling in the Supreme Court that the compensation for the Gush Katif expellees must be increased


Provided individual assistance for the expellees from Gush Katif in obtaining their compensation

Exposed the words of the Vice President of the Supreme Court about the fact that there are unworthy judges in the system who are kept on because the other judges do not want them to be fired.

Established an audit body for the prosecutor's office

Fought for and were successful in getting increased punishment for terrorists

Succeeded in obtaining a ruling that the minutes of the Committee for the Selection of Judges must be disclosed

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Appeared in court as Friends of the Court in the Omar Shakir case - a case that dealt with BDS activists and support for their removal from Israel, and helped get Shakir’s expulsion

Compelled the government to put the Hebrew date on all official documents

Submitted the first petition of support for the proposed legal reform by attorneys and lawyers

More achievements:

  • Defended the (Anti) Boycott Law in the Supreme Court and were victorious against all the left-wing organizations
  • Compelled policemen to wear identification tags
  • Caused the cancellation of the Sapir Award to Yossi Sarid due to conflict of interest
  • Instrumental in the denial of the Landau Prize to Yitzchak Laor due to complaints of sexual harassment
  • Submitted a complaint that was accepted against Judge Ruth Ronen for a conflict of interest in the case of the New Israel Fund in which her husband served
  • Instrumental in the reduction in the work of conscripts at the army radio station on Shabbat following a petition to the Supreme Court.
  • Compelled the state to publish all Judea and Samaria regulations (the laws that apply to Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria) on a website so that every citizen can see what law applies to him.
  • Successful in having the government appoint a prosecutor dedicated to fighting agricultural crime, which, until the prosecutor retired, caused a real reduction in this kind of crime.
  • Instrumental in the passing of the Grazing law, which regulates the grazing of lands to protect the nation’s lands.
  • Successful in having the organization Janat al Amal, a front for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which transferred money to terrorists, closed.
  • Compelled the submission of reports about judges against whom several justified complaints were received to be submitted to the Minister of Justice for the purpose of examining their suitability.
  • Conducted a legal battle against entities that discriminated against the residents of Judea and Samaria.
  • Conducted a legal fight against Ehud Olmert for corruption. Olmert went to prison.
  • Managed a legal fight against Minister of Finance Avraham Hirschzon for corruption, and he was subsequently forced to retire from politics.
  • Instrumental in the struggle against the transfer of funds in cash to Gaza which caused the postponement of the transfer of funds and put the issue on the agenda
  • Managed to have the awarding of academic degrees for terrorists in prisons cancelled
  • Involved in the passing of the Law of Offsetting Terrorist Salaries
  • Involved in the passing of the Basic Law: Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people
  • Successful in adding the obligation to consider Jewish law to the law The Fundamentals of Law.
  • Provided legal aid to the residents of Judea and Samaria during the construction freeze
  • Involved in the struggle against the use of administrative detention as an alternative to criminal detention
  • Involvement in the Bar Association (elections, committees…)
  • Published legal documents on the subject of the comparison between the legislation in Judea and Samaria to legislation within the Green Line and were involved in the formulation of laws on this topic
  • Exposed MK Stav Shapir’s lie and were successful in causing the shelving of a false study that was used to defame the settlers of Judea and Samaria.
  • Complained against Supreme Court judge Manny Mazuz for a conflict of interest in the case of Amir Ohana.
  • Exposed the numbers of Arab rock-throwing attacks in Judea and Samaria and the failure to deal with the phenomenon.
  • Submitted a validated complaint about the State Prosecution’s improper treatment of Professor Talia Einhorn before the court in the matter of a petition against her
  • Represented, pro bono, Jewish students at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design who faced expulsion for demonstrating against an Arab student who supported terrorists
  • Instrumental in the freezing of the “crowned procedure” that gave a tool in the hands of “crowned” Arabs to register Jewish lands in Jerusalem in their own name.
  • Disclosed bias in the Institute for the Continuing Education of Lawyers and Legal Advisors and demanded balance in the materials that they are provided
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Our team members

Nachi Eyal
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Adv. Yossi Cohen
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Adv. Israel Kedmey
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Adv. Moris Hers
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Adv. Avrham Ben Zvi
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Adv. David Mishan
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CEO Yotam Eyal

CEO The Legal Forum for Israel- nongovernmental organization combined hundreds
of volunteer’s lawyers fighting on the Jewish and Zionist identity of Israel thru the
legal field.
• Appeared dozens of times in front of Knesset committees.
• Issued dozens of legal bills.
• Successfully represented casas in court, including the unprecedented case against BDS
activist Omar Shakir in Israel.
• Published dozens of articles in various professional journals and national newspapers.
• L.L.B. Degree, Sapir Academic College Law School.
• M.B.A. Ariel University.

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Avi Shahin

Graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem 

Interned at the State Comptroller’s office  

Former legal advisor of a mutual fund located in Luxembourg in cooperation with UBS Bank  

Formerly worked at Shimonov & Associates, which specialized in initial public offerings in the stock market  

Advisor to the special Tnufa Administration (a body established in the Prime Minister’s Office to handle the expellees from Gush Katif.  

Founded the Avraham Shahin & Associates law firm in 2012 

Loves, believes and guards, with all his heart, the Torah of Israel, the Land of Israel and the unity of Israel 

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Attorney Eran Ben-Ari 

Partner in the law firm of Ben-Ari, Marnes Techelet & Associates 

Director of the Department of Administrative Law and Judea and Samaria Law at Ben-Ari, Marnes Techelet & Associates 

In the past, he served as the secretary of the Committee for the Regulation of Construction in Judea and Samaria headed by the late Honorable Supreme Court Judge Edmond Levy 

He served for about a decade in the State Attorney’s Office and as a legal consultant at the Ministry of Defense. 

Member of the National Council of the Bar Association. 

Advises the CEO of the Legal Forum in a variety of areas related to his areas of expertise 

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Advocate Chaya Tamar Har-Paz

Partner in the law firm Kadosh, Har-Paz & Associates. 

Specializes in real estate, contracts, writ of execution, financial claims and family law 

Right-wing publicist and activist 

Member of the Legal Forum 

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Adv. Avi Naor

Member of the Legal Forum since 2005 

Was active in the Legal Forum’s activities against the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif 

After the violent evacuation of Amona, he worked in collaboration with Orit Strock (presently a Member of the Knesset) in handling the submission of complaints to the Department of Police Investigations and tort claims against violent police officers 

Represented the victims including Yechiam Eyal who was critically injured and required resuscitation, Yehuda Etzion who was trampled by a horse, and MK Aryeh Eldad who was turned back and injured as a result of police using extreme violence against him 

Specializes in civil litigation mainly in the field of insurance and personal injury and engages in mediation 

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Attorney Moshe Kolangi

23 years of experience 

Active in the management of an association for the promotion of national religious education in Rishon LeTsiyon, which holds activities, weekends and trips. 

IDF retiree (retired lieutenant colonel). 

Represented and visited young people who were arrested during the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif  

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Attorney Yossi Levy

Specializes in civil law, torts and contracts. 

Has 20 years of experience. 

Supports the Legal Forum in various matters 

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Attorney Hania HaCohen

Specializes in family law, wills and inheritances. 

Assists members of the Legal Forum in her areas of specialization, and participates in conferences, petitions and drafting documents. 

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Boaz Shapira

ontributes to the Legal Forum on matters related to the Land of Israel, settlements, the legal system, escorting prisoners and fighting injustices 

Visits Jewish nationalistic prisoners in conjunction with Honenu, the National Legal Aid Society 

Born in 1958 

Married and father of five 

Resident of Kiryat Arba/ Hebron 

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Adv. Uri Yamin
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Adv. Eddy Meiri

Qualified to practice law in Israel and New York. Deals with civil and commercial law, litigation, contracts, corporations and American law. 

Provides legal opinions on foreign law and represents business owners, entrepreneurs and investors in the USA 

Deals with legal translations from Hebrew to English 

Volunteered for Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Centre 

Married with three children. A resident of Rishon LeZion. 

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Adv. Ehud Ben Ari

Has practiced law for 30 years, specializing in torts and insurance. 

 Joined the Legal Forum at the time of the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, and represented the expellees in order for them to receive higher compensation than what was offered to them.   

Represented boys and girls who were beaten by policemen during the evacuation of Amona. 

His office is in Modi’in 

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